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In 2009, Dr. Field Harrison opened MINT Dentistry determined to change everything about the dental industry. And by everything, he meant everything -- from the techniques to the equipment we use, from patient experience to the core values of our company, from the quality of service to the training our dentists receieve -- and even down to the dentists themselves. But it didn't stop there. In 2020, Dr. Field Harrison partnered with award winning orthodontist, Dr. Doug Crosby, to be the CEO of MINT orthodontics. Together, they have one goal in mind; to provide the best orthodontic care to all patients.

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"I wish I could give MINT orthodontics more than five stars."

- K Blake



"Absolutely amazing customer service from the receptionists. One in particular was so friendly and made sure everyone was taken care of. There were a few problems with the schedulers but other than that great experience. The area looked nice as well. I didn’t get my teeth worked on, just sat in the waiting room for my partner to get done but I enjoyed myself. They also have arcade machines but they’re down bc Covid 👎🏽 the orthodontics is pretty close to the main dentist as well so you don’t have to go far."



"Good, honest, on-time, reliable."



"A great dental practice - staff are all friendly and profesional and the dentist is very understanding for nervous patients like me."



"great customer care good dentist"



"For a person who had become fearful of dental work, I was greeted with compassion and understanding. My examination was undertaken in a thorough, non-invasive and gentle approach, with reassurance along the the way. My treatment plan is informed by the expert knowledge and experience of a wise practitioner who identified where specialists assistance will be able to save a tooth with a badly fitted crown from another dental practice, which otherwise would have to removed. I would like to thank the dental practitioner for restoring my trust, and the polite and respectful receptionists, for caring and understanding that I matter."




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