A Few Things to Know about Braces

Dr. Doug Crosby | 07/25/2022

Take a look at the pros and cons of traditional braces versus clear aligners.


Why Choose Invisalign® Aligners Over Mail-order Teeth Aligners?

MINT Team of Doctors | 02/23/2021

What is the best way to straighten teeth and achieve the smile you want? Compare Invisalign aligners in Dallas with mail-order braces for teeth today.


Can I Still Play Sports If I Wear Metal Braces?

MINT Team of Doctors | 02/17/2021

If you play sports, like football or soccer, you can still get metal braces. Learn how a custom sports mouth guard can protect your teeth and smile.


Can Invisalign® Treatment Fix My Overbite?

MINT Team of Doctors | 02/09/2021

An Invisalign dentist may be able to correct your overbite. Discover your teeth straightening options when getting an assessment with a professional.


What Should I Do If I Lose My Retainer?

MINT Team of Doctors | 02/02/2021

Contact our clinic if you lose or damage your retainer. We can create a braces retainer replacement that keeps your teeth straight for years to come.


My Wire is Poking My Cheek. What Should I Do?

MINT Team of Doctors | 01/26/2021

Metal braces are an effective teeth straightening option that requires some care. Our clinicians can teach you how to fix a loose wire in braces.


Five Benefits of Traditional Metal Braces

MINT Team of Doctors | 01/20/2021

Dental braces are a wonderful way to straighten your smile. Learn the benefits of traditional metal braces and other teeth straightening options.


How Does Invisalign® Treatment Move Teeth?

MINT Team of Doctors | 01/13/2021

Want to learn about advanced teeth straightening options? A Dallas Invisalign dentist can address crooked teeth, overcrowded teeth, and other issues.


Why Should I Wear a Retainer After Braces?

MINT Team of Doctors | 01/06/2021

How long do I need to wear a retainer after braces? Learn about the teeth straightening benefits of retainers and how to maintain them in Dallas.


Can I Get Braces If I Have Crowns Or Bridges?

MINT Team of Doctors | 12/23/2020

Are you considering braces with crowns and bridges? See whether you are qualified to get Invisalign or traditional braces with dental restorations.


My Bracket Popped Off. Can I Wait To Have It Fixed?

MINT Team of Doctors | 12/16/2020

It is important for patients of any age to know how to fix a broken bracket. Learn what to do when a bracket pops off by working with our dental team.


Can Kids Wear Invisalign?

MINT Team of Doctors | 12/09/2020

What are the different teeth straightening options for your child? Learn about the benefits of Invisalign for kids when visiting our Dallas clinic.


Can I Get Braces If I Have Gum Disease?

MINT Team of Doctors | 12/02/2020

Patients can get orthodontic treatment as long as their teeth and gums are healthy. Learn about the relationship between braces and gum disease here.


Bite Issues That Might Require Orthodontic Treatment

MINT Team of Doctors | 11/24/2020

Dental problems, like underbite and crossbite, can lead to cosmetic and functional issues. Learn how bite correction straightens your teeth and smile.


Do Braces Leave White Marks on Teeth?

MINT Team of Doctors | 11/17/2020

Do you have white spots on your teeth after braces? Learn how to properly clean your teeth to prevent discoloration and keep your smile looking great.


Reasons Why Invisalign May Not Work For You

MINT Team of Doctors | 11/11/2020

Are there issues Invisalign cannot fix? Learn about the potential problems with Invisalign and how we create treatment plans to improve your smile.


What Age Should Your Child See an Orthodontist?

MINT Team of Doctors | 11/03/2020

When should you schedule your kid’s first orthodontist appointment? Learn about the benefits of early orthodontic treatment in Dallas and Fort Worth.


Tips to Care for Invisalign Trays

MINT Team of Doctors | 10/27/2020

Learn the best way to clean Invisalign trays. Our orthodontists can teach you to avoid unwanted bacteria and dental decay with these simple tips.


What's the Right Way to Brush My Teeth With Braces?

MINT Team of Doctors | 10/20/2020

Avoid problems like tooth decay by learning how to properly brush your teeth with braces. Talk to one of our team members about brushing and flossing.


How Noticeable is Invisalign?

MINT Team of Doctors | 10/13/2020

Can you see Invisalign? Learn about the clear aligners offered in this orthodontic treatment and how they straighten your smile in a discreet way.


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